Janet and Scott's motorcycle diary Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
July 8th, 2016 Hotel Ashalea

Great Hotel! Clean and modern with a lovely family running it. They charged us 35,000 per night for two people. There's wifi but it's slow and only really works in the common area. A lot of miners in the area come stay at this hotel and there were a lot of people interested in our travels. We met a young man there who offered to take us on a motorcycle tour of the local mountains. It was very lovely and he didn't expect any money but we gave him 50,000 anyway. They have a pet monkey named Titi too.

February 26th, 2016 Blue Kay Resort

We tent camped here (Blue Kay/Blue Cay/Blue Bay) for 100 pesos per person per night. The beach is great, there's wifi in the restaurant and the bathrooms are very nice. There are also nice-looking cabaƱas, though I'm not sure how much they cost. The only down-side is the lack of shade in the tent area - give it a few more years for the coconut palms to grow up.

February 23rd, 2016 Carribean Restaurant Las Palmas

Awesome price for great access to the beach in this area. 80 pesos per person per night for tenting. Kind of crowded in February but it was worth it for the beautiful beach, friendly staff and nice mix of other campers.

February 21st, 2016 Trailer park and Cabanas Mecolco Inn

Nice enough. But when you consider it's 50 pesos per person per night for tent camping near Cancun it's pretty good! Bathrooms were alright, there are hammocks and a swimming pool, and it's close to Punta Sam for the ferry to Isla Mujeres.

December 17th, 2015 Balneario Ojo De Agua Tlacotepec

Very cheap and refreshing campsite. It cost us $15 pesos each to camp and we got to enjoy the pools for a bit before the sun set. We had difficulty pegging our non-free standing tent as the ground is hard everywhere. There were a lot of strays around begging and fighting, as well as a litter of puppies. They didn't leave the toilets open for us over night so we had to find someone to let us into the not very clean toilets. But it was only $15 pesos and the pools are really nice.

December 16th, 2015 Hierve el Agua

Dusty and dry with very little shade but great views and behind a secure fence. It cost us $25 each entrance plus $40 each to camp, plus $10 each to use the road in. The pools are really cold but refreshing on a hot day. The men's toilet was left open overnight for us. The place has some nice looking rooms and a pool but they seem run down and not are not in use, although some of the sinks still have running water. We met some French people in a camper that just slept outside the gate in order to avoid the camping fee. You can buy basic cooked food and fruit there. The walk down to below the falls is worth doing, although they may try and make you pay for a guide. No wifi.

December 12th, 2015 Overlander Oasis

Great hosts! Calvin welded our pannier rack and only asked for a donation in return. Calvin and Leanne took us out to their local hamburger joint and paid for our dinner! A bit on the pricey side for us at $200 pesos per night so only stayed three nights, but would've loved to relax there for longer. The wifi was so good I could watch you tube, which pretty much hasn't happened since we entered Mexico. The only downside was that there weren't any other motorcyclists there when we were there. They like to know when you're coming and going but not in an obtrusive way. Hope we return on the way back.