catherineinlove Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
January 23rd, 2019 Between guasave and culiacan

Not exact location. A man we met in Culiacan has been violently robbed at 2am at a Pemex station by 4 armed young men! Shots were fired, nobody got bodily hurt but the robbers violently gained entrance to their RV and got money and cell phone. Beware on paid highway about 50 km north of Culiacan!! Don’t travel at night and don’t stay at unsecured stations!!!!!!!

January 21st, 2019 Agua purificada

No hose. Purified water. 10 pesos por garrafón. Friendly people. No English. Next to small grocery store and tortilleria..

January 21st, 2019 Big palapa

This is a spot by a trailer and big palapa, right on the beach. We were taken here by local police when the camping close by appeared closed. Nice guys; they will cook for you if you want. We agreed on 100 pesos a night and it’s well worth it. They have a toilet you can use and soon will have electricity to charge some of your stuff. No water, but there is purified water in town. Great spot. Weekends bring Mexicans out to play on beach with four wheelers but it’s all fun!!

January 16th, 2019 Hotel Real De Chapiltepec

Clean simple rooms with private bathroom with shower and sink. Heated in winter and lots of blankets. Cool and eclectic rooms. They have currently 9 rooms, of the beaten path but only 2 minutes to Main Street. Nice family owned business. They also do guided tours! Would stay again. About $25 a night. Quiet and clean!!

January 16th, 2019 Dos Marias

Off the beaten path, great flavors, little more upscale but not overpriced and again, the guacamole was super, the meat was of great quality and we had crema catalana for desert and it was also fantastic. Try them out you won’t be disappointed.
Super friendly owner and staff. The owner speaks English and French and Spanish..
They have starters, soups (by the way the sopa azteca was to dye for!) and all kinds of meat dishes and dessert.
Also great for breakfast!!

January 4th, 2019 Taller el Burro

Brake specialist . Very nice and knowledgeable.. brakes and clutch work.. we had new pins put in in half an hour. Father and son.. recommended by leaf spring guy in town.

January 4th, 2019 Taller Carbajal

Leaf spring workshop and installation! Asked if a leaf spring was needed and the owner gave us good advice. Had a leaf spring added on each side in about 5 hours. Very friendly guy!

December 29th, 2018 Hotel parking lot

Nice hotel on main road with private parking. We asked to park and they agreed. Breakfast $50 pp and we gave $100 tip. Save and quite parking. Bathrooms in lobby or restaurant. 2 person room is $600 with shower, a/c. Also have washer and dryer(dryer was not working when we were there). Not sure if they let you use shower?! We were happy to spend the night in this town as we had to stock up on water and fuel after a few days in the mountains visiting missions..

December 19th, 2018 Huerta Don Chano RV Park

Nicest campground so far. $200 a night all included. Electric and Hot shower!! Grass, flowers and many fruit trees! Manuel is very friendly and accommodating. Next to the river, close to beach and town.

December 18th, 2018 Punta Chivato

From hwy 1 it’s a washboard road (sometimes rough) but very doable. Before the last house there’s a sign that says make right to playa. Go to the beach and down a little.. beautiful beach!!

December 18th, 2018 Military Checkpoint

military checkpoint. I speak Spanish. One of them checked ID and wrote down who when and where.. the other one told us to get out and searched the truck. Went through my purse and luckily my husband watched him (I trust people too much). He kind of did it with his back to us.. pretty shady. I checked afterwards to see if everything was still there. then he went through the rest of the front of the truck. In the glove compartment he saw our binoculars and started looking thru them.. not very professional. Then they asked to open the camper and kind of took a quick peek.. don’t trust them! Next time I’ll take my purse when told to get out so I have more control of my belongings!! I should have read the comments on checkpoints.. would have been more prepared. We talked to the police afterwards to comment and the comandante there said to go to the batallion somewhere south of Santa Rosalía but haven’t found it. Will put comment in to tourist board. Heard afterwards the military checkpoint at San Ignacio is the worst one.

December 17th, 2018 Restaurant Lala, playa puerto viejo

Nice spot. Great food. We spend the night and bought shrimp and oysters, and then in the morning scallops from Lala. Nice lady that has many good recipes !! Toilet, no showers. Kayak rental .. we paid $100 for camping

December 13th, 2018 ship wreck and camping

Quiet safe place by shipwreck. Ramon keeps the area and collects $5 a night. No amenities but pelicans, dolphins and ducks.. nice place..

December 9th, 2018 El Mirador

Quiet camp on the cliffs overlooking the sunset on the Pacifico! $5..

December 9th, 2018 Sunbeam Rest Area

Dump station working.. water to clean dump. No fresh water on north side. Didn’t check out south side..

November 29th, 2018 Sierra Expeditions- 4x4 & Overland Equipment

Super friendly people! Had a Jeep Sahara check up.. great store..