greygardensnola Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
April 6th, 2021 Mnt Carmel Junction

Site was awful. Only two spots, right near a trail head, dusty and only two big rigs occupied the area. No Verizon service. One dick head in a big rig parked his big truck so nobody else could come into the area to camp, at least three people could have been in there. He must have that big rig and big truck to go along with his tiny...

April 6th, 2021 Road to Paria

There are no campsites on this road. It's pretty but NO FREAKIN SITES. Do not attempt this with anything larger than a van or car. I wish more people would update these and write reviews.

December 28th, 2019 Fort Lancaster Scenic Overlook Pic Nic Area

It’s a bit far off the i10, so if it’s dark I recommend going to the rest area or the truck stop a little farther down the interstate. This was a great spot to stop for me as I arrived an hour and a half before sunset — beautiful and a lovely crescent moon rise shortly afterward. A nice break from parking lots if you can make the most of it and arrive before dark. Eat in Fort Stockton if your heading east — or be stocked with your dinner. You won’t find anything on the way after that. 2 bars of Verizon LTE once you reach the picnic area.

December 15th, 2019 Pilot Knob

I like it. I drove as far as I could away from the highway. Good view of the sunset and hills in the distance. It’s 20 minutes away from Planet fitness & Albertsons. Trains were not so bothersome that far out. I’ve lived near trains and the Mississippi River for a good part of my adult life so actually found them comforting. It’s free and it’s BLM, supposedly you are supposed to pay a dollar per day but I haven’t seen a camp host yet. The signs are a bit misleading. There are dumpsters here too although you “need a permit”, not sure exactly how that works either. The Chevron close by has a bunch of decent snacks and a water filling station. They also have a dump station. Overall, not bad.

December 14th, 2019 Joshua Tree North BLM

I like this spot. I didn’t go as far out as others. I stayed on the dry lake but to the far right and near the wire fence. Nobody bothered me and it feels safe. Coyotes are present of course so be wary of your small animals. Lots of other campers here scattered around but not on top of each other. Good Verizon service 2-3 bars.

On the weekends expect ATVs and motocross as you are near a bunch of OHV trails. They stay mostly in the very center of the lake, so if you don’t want them having to rally around you, camp on the exterior of the lake — you will see what I mean and where the trails are. Just envision that they are going to have to get to them somehow. They were all chill, respectful and kept their distance.

Overall I do recommend this spot. It’s close to Jtree, bike trails, Walmart, Stater Bros., the showers at the Coyote shop and it has great sunsets. Of course it does get windy at times but that’s Jtree.

October 21st, 2019 Goose Island Campground

Worse than a Walmart parking lot but I paid $25 to sleep in the overflow area. Don’t let the camp host bamboozle you into paying to stay in that overflow area. I think I paid since I was the first one there and everyone else just rolled up. I’d rather sleep at a busy truck stop than spend another night here.

April 2nd, 2019 Walmart

Definitely a great Walmart to stay at. I highly recommend. Quiet. It’s close to camping world as well if you need a propane fill. A+ Wally

March 29th, 2019 Torreya State Park

This may have been a great camping experience before hurricane Michael but now it’s just dusty, hot and miserable. There is no shade here at all. Not worth the drive through the crappy town with one gas station grocery store.

March 23rd, 2019 Grassy point bayside campground

Very, very, very buggy, decent cell service. There are portable toilets but not emptied often. I found that the trash bins were always full with flys swarming them. Rangers patrol at all hours during the night and check permits. The first night I was there police were called and unregistered campers were removed.

March 21st, 2019 Paradise bar and grill

This place is the shiiiiit! Definitely not luxury but still great. Lots of New Orleans musicians play here.

February 11th, 2019 Cave City

I am going here tomorrow and will update my review. I however translate the above French review: “Except the heavy trucks in the evening and the morning, rather quiet night quiet.” Ok seems legit. Onward! UPDATE: great spot to sleep! No hassles. I was the only one there aside from a couple truckers who eventually filtered out leaving it quiet as can be.

December 25th, 2018 Couterie Forest Trailhead, City Park, New Orleans

I’m from New Orleans. I’m not sure about this spot. When I saw it on here I was surprised and tempted to try it. Maybe I will since I live close and if I get kicked out, I can just go home. Also, I happened to be over there earlier today and saw someone scoping it. I don’t want people to be disappointed. City Park police patrol may ask you to leave. Honestly I don’t think it’s a reliable spot. Maybe come in super late at night if you do. I’m also interested in trying the Morning Call parking lot, it’s a 24 hour beignet place but it may actually make you more conspicuous, not sure. I’d say anyone who is trying to sleep near the park you probably want to park on the grass next to the bayou on Wisner Blvd. I’ll attach a photo.

December 3rd, 2018 Chambers County Rest Stop

Great spot to sleep. There is a truck side and a car side. Not sure why the previous reviewer was bothered by truck’s so much better than a regular rest area where everyone is mixed in together. Facilities are awesome and clean, very cool mosaics and metal work, grounds have an awesome picnic area. I like how the grounds create many different spaces, areas to walk and tables to sit at that feel slightly secluded versus some strip of barren land on the side of the highway where you have to find a bush in plain sight to pee in if ya gotta go. Yes, I’ve done that. Oh, I also saw some cute and not surprisingly fat coons. If you have dogs, be aware of this since I’m sure they aren’t scared one bit to come in contact.

October 27th, 2018 Chambers County Rest Stop

Any of the new Texas rest areas are safe and so clean. They have a side for trucks and cars. I have slept at many of these new rest areas and never had a problem.