expedition-unlimited.nl Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
August 25th, 2021 Isabena Campsite

Super relaxed campsite, mainly occupied with off-road enthusiasts; both on motorbike and 4x4. They also have a nice restaurant and swimming pool. Next to this it is also a BMW Motorrad test drive center, so you can try several bikes for a reasonable price. But the best thing is, they also own Enduro Park Isabena where you can do off-road motorcycle trainings. They can also organize multiple day guided off-road tours in the Pyrenees. In short, a very relaxed place!

February 4th, 2020 Kembu Campsite

Lovely campsite and cottages, located on an active dairy farm where they also breed horses. The campsite is situated on a large grassy area near the restaurant and bar, where they also serve great home made three course meals. During chilly evenings the fireplace is lit and coal fire stove are provided. The view from the campsite is fabulous over the lush garden and nice surrounding landscape. There are latrine toilets and showers, basic, but al tidy and clean. Great place for an overnight stay, or better, for a couple of days to escape from the rush of daily life.

January 31st, 2020 Sportel Vehicle Storage \ Limo Hire Zambia

Dutch Guy offering long term parking for vehicles. Very secured and looked after. Power for trickle chargers available. Option for parking under roof (max. 3,5 meter) or in shipping container (max. 2,5 meter). Drop off at airport and collection from airport included. Place is very safe. Communication via WhatsApp for availability, updates and other communication. Hans Sportel +260977743145

January 23rd, 2020 Icu guesthouse

Please be advised that per January 2020 they do not allow camping at their guesthouse anymore. The reason for this, according to the onwner, is that "when we allow campers to enter our garden, we notice that other guests feel burdened to enter the garden." You can of course still stay in the gustehouse.

January 15th, 2020 Primate Lodge Camping

We tried to check in, but we were informed that they do not run the campsite anymore. Reason: do not want to have campers next to "high valued" Lodge guests.

January 8th, 2020 Chahafi Resort

As indicated before: really great campsite, where you park on a grassy lawn next to a lake. They opened a nice cottage for toilet and shower facilities. They also have a good restaurant. Rate $25,- for two persons incl. breakfast. But the best thing is, they also support the local community primary school. So if they ask if you would like a traditional dance performance: say yes! The school principle, teachers, parents and off course children will come over for an evening performance around the campfire. Much better then we have seen in many places, as they do it with great passion in order to support their school. So give generously after the performance, as it is for the good cause. It is also possible to visit the community school; highly recommendable. And not to forget, also the staff is really nice. The campsite deserves your visit.

December 14th, 2019 Shoppers Plaza

Great supermarket with “all” western products. Not cheap, but you will find what you need on one spot. Service is excellent.

December 10th, 2019 The Lutheran Centre

Accommodation and restaurant. They have several nice and clean rooms, ranging from singles to even a suit/executive room. The latter had a huge double bed. Bit expensive though, as they have different prices for residents and non residents: Double room 60,000 tzs vs $45. The breakfast was good and they even made a meal the evening before although we arrived late.

November 20th, 2019 German Truck Tech

Really good place if you have some problems with your Mercedes, both truck and 4x4. We had some electrical problems with our Mercedes G and drove by Cartsen and his team. After the first analysis, he called a very experienced electrician to help us out: Mr. Tobias Malama. Together with him we figured out a solution, and we could drive again. Mr. Malama is a very good electrical specialist. So if you have an problem, go visit Cartsen and Tobias.

November 8th, 2019 Lukasa

Lovely informal Campsite, located in the south of Lusaka, on the boundary of a residential- and farming area. The owners, Harry and Geke, have opened up their garden and house for travelers and short stay visitors who are looking for a “home away from home”. You can camp (US$ 12,50 p.p.p.n) in their beautiful green garden or on more solid ground. The ablutions are currently in the process of being erected, but you can use their communal bathroom in the house. It is also possible to sleep in one of their cozy bedrooms in the main house (4 rooms, 2 of them with private bathrooms, prices 30 – 50 US$ per room per night).
There is a great swimming pool and you can enjoy the sunset on the veranda or have a drink in the home bar. It is also possible to join the “table d’hôte” with the owners: a nice meal with an accompanying drink for only US$10,- p.p.
All-in all a great place for adventurers who need a break in a peaceful set up with Lusaka “just around the corner” for their shopping, visa applications, etc. And not to forget, Harry and Geke are a really nice Dutch couple, already living and traveling through Africa for more than 20 years, so they can also give you good advise on where to go and what to do in Zambia or other places in Africa. Please give Harry a call or send a Whatsapp before arriving to check availability: +26 0966860445.

November 6th, 2019 Austafrica Tyres

Great place for tyre maintenance and new tyres. We needed some new BFGoodriches, and although not on stock, they were able to deliver after two hours! And we had alteady phoned and visited many locations in Lusaka. The BFGoodrich tyres were not cheap, as they are imported from the Netherlands. All equipment is of a good standard, as well as the competence of the crew. They also have a mechanical workshop and are specialized in 4x4 vehicles.

October 18th, 2019 Perfectwater

Place to get purified water to fill up your tanks. Price is 1.20 Pula per liter. They use a 5 step purifying approach: 1. Sand filtration, 2. Activated Carbon filtration, 3. Element filtration, 4. Reverse osmosis and 5. Ozonation. Guys are also really nice.

October 18th, 2019 Naledi Motors - Mercedes-Benz

Our Mercedes G needed to be serviced, so we ended up at Naledi Motors. They have a friendly and supportive workplace manager and fine mechanics. They did a good job, and had thorough knowldege. Real mechanics. Highly recomended if your Mercedes need to be serviced.

September 24th, 2019 Roy's Rest Camp

Nice campsite at the turnoff to C44 towards Khadoum National Park. Great reception, restaurant, bar and pool area. Everything nicely decorated. This also accounts for the campsites: enough space, braai facilities, electrical points and some sites have a water tap point. Ablutions are good and donkey heated. There were some remarks on the quality of wifi, but if you have a rooftop tent, then you have a really good MTC 3G signal on the top of your vehicle ☺.

September 22nd, 2019 Nakambale Restcamp

Campsite located outside Ondangwa. We were welcomed most friendly by Maggie, the caretaker. The place also has a night guard and is fenced, which give a pleasant feeling. They are upgrading the area, so there is some building activity going on. This led also to the fact that there was no hot water, but they promised that this was temporarily. Still a good place to stay as an overnight stop.

September 21st, 2019 Camp Cornie

The camp is located on the banks of the Kunene River and gives a nice view to Angola. What this place, with its nice palm trees, good ablutions, and river view makes so special are Cornelius and his wife. They have a great knowledge about the area, give good advice where to go to, bake great bread, but more important: they help the local community. Keep up the good work!

September 18th, 2019 Puros - Community Campsite

Lovely campsite next to the riverbed of the Hoarusib. We stayed at site number 3 under a huge tree, which provided some shade. The ablutions are located in an Ana tree, which gives a nice bush feeling. Hot water is delivered by solar power. The personnel makes you feel home and were very nice. When we stayed there, no elephants visited the campsite. In fact, we drove the track along the Hoarusib and Khumib, and no desert elephant encounters at all. It seem they have migrated away this time of the year or we had just bad luck. Anyhow, the Campsite deserves a visit as you support the local community with it.

September 16th, 2019 Khowarib Lodge

Nicely located campsite in a valley, some 200 meters away from the lodge. They have 10 pitches, of which number 5 to 8 are located next to the river. There is a decent and clean ablution block, where warm water can get a bit restricted when they host large overlander groups. At the Lodge they have a pool, a nice restaurant and great bar, where you can sit in the shade and enjoy your sundowner beer. The staff is really friendly, and makes you feel welcome. Also many thanks to the management, as they provided some help to find some equipment for our car. They even searched for it in Opuwo when they went there for business. As we were stuck for a longer period, due to delivery times of the car parts, they even offered us the possibility to hand in a shopping list, as they received new supplies. By the way, they also bake great fresh bread every day. Our unplanned long stay due to car problems was smoothed by the people and the facilities at the Lodge, including the necessary Internet to order the car parts and track the delivery. Guys, thanks a lot!

September 9th, 2019 Road Side Camp

The campsite is located just out of the Etosha Galton Gate. Although it states “Road Side Camp”, you will not have a view to the road, as the site is nicely located behind the hills. They are still doing a lot of construction work, but what is already there looks promising. As we were the first to arrive that day we were appointed a nice big place with a concrete slab and a roof construction providing shade. The showers and toilets (open air) were conveniently close by. If you walk up the hill you have also a nice valley view, including a waterhole where animals come by for some refreshment.

September 8th, 2019 Etosha - Okaukuejo Campsite

Just another NWR campsite, too much money (700 N$ for two persons) for what they offer. The ablution blocks are a bit run down, and due to the amount of people they host, don’t expect hot water in the morning. The plus is of course the location in the park and the early departure possibilities to see some wildlife in Etosha. There is also a nice waterhole, which is lit, and a good place to spot some animals who come over for a sip of water.

September 7th, 2019 Taleni Etosha Village

Comfortably located just outside the Andersons gate of Etosha. The campsites are very large, especially number 1, which is suitable for large groups with separate tents. We had the whole place for ourselves, which means four showers and ditto toilets, as well as multiple braais and a very large table under a roof. There is also electricity on the sites. The other sites are equally beautiful, and have all a different ablution style. The Internet at the lodge did not work properly due to “weather” restrictions, so maybe it is better on other days as during our stay. All in all a super place to stay, and much better then Okaukuejo Campsite within Etosha.

September 4th, 2019 Nauams Mountain Camp

Very nice campsite located around a rock formation. You are there in total isolation and do not see the other camping places from you own spot, so maximum privacy. You also have private ablution with, in our case two showers and two toilets. There was also a shelter for the sun and even a pool to cool off. Truly a nice place to go.

September 3rd, 2019 Sesriem Campsite - NWR

We have been here in 2011 as well, and a lot has been changed. The site has grown in seize, it is overcrowded and the ablution has slightly improved. However, it is still substandard and does not reflect the price you pay for a overnight stay: 700 N$ for two persons. Maybe NWR should put some money in improving standards and maintenance. Apparently this is what everybody is willing to pay for some extra gate time.

September 1st, 2019 Tsauchab River Camp

Next to the Lodge there are also some nice campsites, one of them is “Oerwald”. This site is about 12 km away from the lodge and situated in a nice landscape with plenty of trees, a nearby river and is totally isolated. We hade the whole site for ourselves, and we could choose freely where to stand. There are several braais, and a clean ablution block. The site is maintained by a caretaker, who lives nearby and also takes care of heating up the donkey shower. There is no electricity or Internet, but the site is lit at night by several candles. It felt like a small paradise. The lodge itself has very nice pool, a small shop and a bar. They also have a reasonable Internet connection. Have a look in the garden, the owner is a artist with old metal and a welding machine.

August 30th, 2019 Goais Camp

Campsite next to a (dry) riverbed with an astonishing view to the surrounding landscape. The campsite is run by a very friendly elderly couple, who welcomed us with tea and a nice chat under their pergola. Don’t be scared off by the entrance, as it is a life farm and animals can walk around. You will not be bothered by them on the campsite. Hot water is provided by a donkey shower and you will have running water and a sink. All nicely hand made. Go bring them a visit, they deserve it.

August 28th, 2019 Alte Kalkofen

The campsite has three sites with private clean ablution, placed in “shacks”. There is no power at the campsites, but that is compensated by the nice place and view. There is also a pool at the Lodge that can be used. If you have time, also visit the owner’s greenhouse with Lithops; small little plants the look like stones. They also have a nice restaurant at the main building with a beautiful garden: worth a visit. The Internet is only working properly at the main building; at the campsite the reception is poor.

August 26th, 2019 Kokerboomkloof

Awesome place in the Richterveld NP. Great to see the sunset over the field with kokerbomen. We were even surprised to see that the sites had flushing toilets and a water point with a sink, this in contrary to the information on the Sanpark website. No showers however. Very rustic place and highly recommendable. Book upfront!

August 25th, 2019 Sendelingsdrif Rest Camp

The Sendelingsdrift Rest Camp is situated in the Ai-Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park and is run by SANParks. This campsite is mainly used by tourists arriving late at the park, and cannot reach one of the more popular campsites in time. Campsites have a power point and there are clean ablutions with hot showers. There is running water at this campsite. No motorbikes will be allowed inside the park.

August 24th, 2019 Vioolsdrift Lodge

Nice campsite next to the lodge. Good ablution block, and you can use the swimming pool if you want to cool off. The campsites were a bit muddy, maybe caused by the attempt to let the grass grow again. Only annoyances were trucks stopping and starting next to the campsite and some roosters crowing early in the morning, but the latter is fact of nature ☺.

August 23rd, 2019 Nama Bike Camp

A little gem along the N7 and a must stop. We were welcomed like friends by Wayne and his wife. The bar, the hot tub, facilities and the grassy campsite makes it complete. Also great bar personnel, which is nice to speak with as well as the locals visiting for a sundowner and evening drink. We really enjoyed our stay and loved the braai. They make also great pizzas.