gstudart Check-Ins

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Gas Baja

The other propane place in Colonet was closed. This one was thankfully open. It’s across the street from the Mercado Balanza (Red and Yellow Building).

Gas Silza

Went here but was closed. The people in the restaurant next door sent us down to Gas Baja. It’s right down the road across the street from the Mercado Balanza.

Pilot Truck Stop

Nice truck stop with a Mcdonalds and Subway inside that we stayed at after crossing over from Mexico. We parked out back with the trucks and no one bothered us. Showers are 12$ (were a couple and just went in together and no one said anything). There is also a TA and a Flying J nearby which I’m sure are good options as well.

Police Bribe Hotspot

Pulled us over at the toll beforehand. We hadn’t heard of this before so we were clueless as to what was even going on. He had a laminated sheet, and kept pointing at Wednesday (even though it’s Saturday), and said we weren’t allowed to drive. The initial bribe started at 4000 pesos, went down to 2000$, and then when we refused he asked to take our license. We told him we refused and that we only have 500 pesos (highly suggest carrying two wallets and splitting your cash) which he took and gave us a paper saying we could drive. Should’ve looked it up before hand but really didn’t even think not driving on specific days was even a thing.


We love this place! Have stayed here three times and were even able to store our van here when we had to go back to states for a few months. Del and Kate are lovely hosts and super informative about best roads to take (we’re heading back north now). There are nice bathrooms with hot showers, electricity, water hookups, and lots of space for your rig. It’s walking distance to laundry, fruit/veg market, purificadora, and restaurants and the town of Tlacolula is a short bus ride/drive with atms, markets, etc. Overall we definitely recommend it! Nice and convenient!


Currently there is a road block for a protest regarding water. Unsure how long it will last (we were told it’s been going on for a week now), but it is the main road up to Oaxaca so we’ve been stuck here for a couple of hours. There is a road around, but we were told by multiple locals that the road was dangerous. May need to take the road all the way up to Coatzacoalcos to avoid.

Update: we let a local borrow our gas can and he helped us navigate around on a dirt road. Took us about 2 1/2 on dirt road around through lots of different towns 😬

Carolina’s Resort

Stayed here before crossing the border back into Mexico. Really nice place with a bar, pool, and WiFi (though not really in the room). We paid 23$ for two people even though their initial price was 28$ for valentines weekend. Rooms were clean and we had two double beds. Shower was cold but still a nice bathroom. There are two other places next door as well but they were around the same price.

Casa Inti

Camped here for a night while we went to the dentist in Managua (proactive dental solutions if anyone is interested!). Nice place to camp with outdoor bathrooms. They have a nice common area with free coffee in the morning. The shower situation as said before is a little weird. The guy said we could only take one shower in the morning and had to ask permission to use it in case they had guests in the dorm. He said if they had people in the dorm they would find us a different shower. But... overall nice area grass area.

Al's Auto Service

Went here to have our oil changed. It cost 80$ which was similar to the good year nearby (75$). Al is a nice guy originally from California/Georgia who moved to Nicaragua not too long ago. They cleaned up our whole truck and cleaned up the engine. Definitely recommend.

Casa 37 Hostal

Closed I think! We knocked in the gate and the signs were all down on the ground. Checked on google and it wasn’t open.

Turnoff to road 62 (Escalante)

Can confirm that this road is horrible. Didn’t see the warning because I assumed it was in relation to the police stop. Thankfully we have a high clearance vehicle, but it was a horribly long ride down and we were rocking back and forth the whole time. Also there is literally a river that you have to cross. Taking the road from Rivas next time.

Managua Backpackers Hostal

After visiting a few other hostels (most of them on the internet have actually closed down due to the lack of tourism...), we chose to stay here. Michael and Bob run the place and are very friendly. The first night be stayed in the ac room and it was 40$. Next night the non ac room was available and it was 26$. There also are dorms available for 12$ per night. Pancake breakfast and coffee is included as well. We asked about camping on the street and just paying to use the facilities and Michael said they don’t really do that. They also keep the place locked up so it’s pretty difficult to go in and out from the car which would make camping extremely difficult anyways. They have internet but it’s a little slow. Overall it was a nice stay for 2 days. Definitely recommend especially since options seem relatively limited in recent times.

Pandora Hostel

Permanently closed! Checked on google after we got here.

Hammock Plantation

Stayed here on two separate occasions for over 10 days total, and we’re going again on our way back through El Salvador. Definitely a home away from home! The owners are so nice and helpful. Senya organizes trips and shuttles to Antigua, Leon, etc. and even orders pupusas every night so you don’t have to leave if you don’t want to. Marc also does surf lessons and organizes excursions to a local maze, scuba diving (he’s a really passionate scuba instructor and can certify you), waterfalls, etc. Also, I swear this place is the breeziest place in El Salvador and the hammocks are perfect for relaxing 😂 the bathroom, kitchen, and facilities are really nice as well. Don’t pass this place up!

Cocolito Campground

We really enjoyed staying here! We have a 1987 GMC Vandura and we’re able to make it easily, just make sure to use the longer road when driving as the short one is extremely steep. The family is really sweet and even gave us coconuts to drink. They have water in a basin that you can use to bathe and they have a clean toilet to use as well. Tons of spots for vehicles and a few dogs and chickens. There are also a few tiendas close by and the Sea Garden restaurant to eat at. We even saw a turtle lay eggs on the beach in the morning. Definitely recommend for surfers and non-surfers alike.


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