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TripOn Open House Hostel

January 2018 update : raised their prices to 8$ pppn (that we managed to bargain down to 6 since we went there before)

Abrook Mall

Really convenient place. We asked the guard if we could park here (we were two vans) and he was definitely OK with that, telling us to stay as long as we wanted.
He even showed us a water spigot (supposed non-potable). We stayed two nights. Wifi, restaurants, bathrooms in the mall. Bathrooms as well in the bus station.

Familia Romero garden

Indeed they are friendly. But go only there if it doesn't bother you passing through their livingroom while going to the toilets.

Casa Amarilla

This place is permanently closed.

Terpel Va&Ven

Wow, best rest stop in a while.
Big parking lot (quiet at night), wifi, showers, clean bathrooms, on site restaurant.
We really enjoyed that place.

Casa Amarilla

the hotel still exists but the restaurant is now only for dinner for the people staying in the hotel.

Terpel gas station

We spent one night there. Attendants were OK with us staying. Police passing by all the night. Wifi password still accurate. Only drawback is that it's noisy (trucks that let their engine idle...)

Police checkpoint

Just wave us

Police Checkpoint

Just checked our driving license and passports. Quick.

Sixaola, Costa Rica to Guabito, Panama

Crossed the border from Costa Rica to Panama (French couple, canadian plated car), description from still accurate.
Only thing is, when you leave Costa Rica, customs are in the same building as migration, and you have to suspend or cancel your TIP there (whether you'll be back in CR or not).
And by the way we didn't pay the municipal tax on the Panama side because we completely forgot to look where to pay it, and nobody bothered us with that so far.

Reggae Bar Cabins And Campground

We ended spending 4 nights there due to poor meteo. Paid 2000C pppn for our campervan. Wifi, palapas, market, restaurante, showers. In front of the beach. Definitely the best camping option in Cahuita

Restaurant EIMI

We spent one night there. We paid 2000C per person. Good wifi, bathrooms, hot shower, grassy area (difficult to find a level spot). The place is quiet at night (even the owners are not there).
We asked for a laundry, but they refused.
We didn't see the famous Osvaldo, only the owners of the restaurant (good food btw).

basílica nuestra sra de los angeles

Safe location with lots of shops around. We felt safe. As it's on the road it's a bit noisy but quiet at night.

Camping Adonis

We spent Christmas there. it was a beautiful wide garden with good infrastructures. we saw many birds as aras and parrots, iguanas but no mammal.
Adonis is fond of crocodiles.
Worth it !
Paid 2000C pppn

Playa Ventanas

Spent two nights there, we can confirm the previous posts : free from 5:30pm to 7am, 2000C per car per day, free shower and bathrooms, nice beach with shadow from the trees.

Camping El Tecal, near Uvita

Good infrastructures : electricity and wifi at site, swimming pool, showers. Paid 8000 per night for 2 people in a campervan.
By the way, we did the whale watching tour with them (56$ per person), and we really enjoyed it, we would recommend it.

TripOn Open House Hostel

we enjoyed the 3 nights we spent there. we paid 10$ / 5850C per night (5$ pppn) to have access to the facilities and the breakfast. you park in the street but the neighbourhood is really quiet. it's easy to walk to the city from there.

El Avion Restaurant

impressive place but it's a bit expensive. no camping allowed.

TJM Costa Rica

I wasn't able to find this place.

Ursu Petrol Stn

Spent the night there, in front of the garage (after having our oil changed there). Restrooms and wifi at the soda.
Quiet during the night.

Gasolinera UNO

We spent one night there, after having asked to the gas station manager if it was possible. Really quiet at night, and safe (Nightwatch + police passing by).

La Colina

We can confirm what the previous said : really nice place with an amazing view. Paid 4000C per night for 2 people in a van.

Playa Samara

Nice spot, spent two days and nights there on week-ends and it was not too busy.

Parkin lot comercial center

Spent a night there, as described. The guards asked us to move to the annex parking lot on the side (not in the middle), it was quieter !


Place with camping area and cabana, organizing tour to Cano Negro wildlife area.
The owners are friendly. Camping is 3000C per person, and wildlife tour range from 20000C to 25000C regarding the length (the price was for two person). We really appreciated both the camping site and the tour !

Unlimited public place by the lake in Nuevo Arenal

Such a lovely place, we spent 5 days there !

Finca Cañas Castilla

Great place. The hikes are wonderful to see wildlife. Infrastructures are perfect for overlanders. It's the best place we had since pasaj cap and maybe better even though it has no lake to swim. But don't rely on wifi, it's only working sometimes.

EXIT Nicaragua - Penas Blancas, Nicaragua/Costa Rica border

We crossed from Nicaragua to Costa Rica with french passeport and canadian car. It was easy and fast as the descriptions of Phil are so accurate.

Hotel / Camping La Punta Resort

Convenient place (close to the ferry), nice hammocks, wifi and view on the lake.
But we found it expensive for what it is : 10$ per vehicle and they told us 15$ if we wanted to have access to the pool...
In addition, the shower is outside, just by the pool, so forget about intimacy.

comedor sunshine

Very good comedor with decent prices. Burritos were huge, tasty and with lots of vegetables and chicken. it changes from the common rice and tostones ! recommend it !


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