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Big rigs and vans, taller Fischer

Taller Fischer.
Extremely friendly and helpful crew, Damien is the owner. They specialize in big rigs, but also work on vans or the occasional car.
Don't let the small door fool you, the place is massive, and they have 3 other sites as well.
No fancy shiny place, but grease monkeys with big tools.
We paid +/-300usd for 2 full days of work with 2 people. Incl empanadas, wifi and we could sleep inside for 2 nights ­čśü

Mina Julia

We didn't Google it nor looked at pictures. Neither should you! There is no picture which will do this place with its spectacular views any justice. Absolutely awesome!

Drive up is in very good condition, doable with normal 2wd.

Desierto del Diablo

Nice road, nice views! Still OK with any car.
Wouldn't take a big detour for it, but if you're passing by....

mountains of weird glass like stuff..

Along the route in the Salar there are heaps of glass like shiny crystals.. Not really crystals, as you can bend it as well... Weird stuff... And beautiful!

Arita Cono Track to Mina Casualidad

We choose around this marker to sleep. Next to road, but nobody drives here. And beautiful view on the cono. Better then up close in my opinion.

Road Piedra Pomez-Las Papas-Fiambala

Absolutely stunning and very diverse drive.
Track is very well now, doable for any 4x4. We have a 6m Sprinter, with low gear, no troubles. Without a low gear I think it will be difficult for heavy overlanders.
We took 4 days for this great stretch. Don't miss the big dunes and Los Hornos.

Although it's an 'easy' drive, go prepared. It's very remote. We didn't encounter anyone for 2 days between Las Papas and G├│mez. If you have a break down, you can't simply hike anywhere, who knows how many days it will take for someone to cross you and subzero temperatures + strong winds at night. This place is no joke.

Grande dune

This place is magnificent. 200m high dunes all over. If you climb to the top you feel very very small.
Our kids had a blast as well body boarding down the slopes.

Termas Los Hornos (worth the detour)

As natural or untouched as termas can get I think. No swimming pools at different temperatures, no trash, no empanadas for sale.
But a 25C river with small pools and cascadas flowing in between of a magnificent landscape in all colors of the rainbow while 68C water is bubbling from Middle Earth along the sides. Outside 8Cmid day at this time of year.

No pics in the post and don't Google it. Just go. :)

The access road from the Peñón Fiambalá road is OK but turns into a proper 4x4 trail starting from the 4th sharp hairpins. Not worth the risk to damage your rig imo. We parked at the 4th and hiked the rest of the way. Ca 30-45min.

The dune

Nice small dune next to the road. If you have the chance, drive to Saujil. About a 100 times bigger

Magic Dune Saujil

Great place to spend some time. Kids enjoyed indeed, the sandboarding is more of a gimmick, but fun to see people eating heaps of sand.
Over confident visitors getting stuck in the sand, and a quiet night right next to the dune with a million stars.
What's not to like..

To get right at the dune you need 4x4, on a small road from the parking lot. Some soft patches of sand. Exit is more flat, don't try to go back the same way..

Bosch Service

Great service from Claudio and his team. We had a broken differential support member, which he assessed and brought us to a good welder.
After that we came in for a oil/filter change. Very meticulous on every detail.
Fair price.

Abandoned Mine "La Mejicana" (4WD only)

Drove this route in 2 days and camped at the abandoned Refugio at 3.900m. Great drive with stunning scenery.
Road was not to difficult for any 4wd. There is a wash out just befothe refugio which is pretty sketchy. We crossed with a 6m Sprinter, but I would say that's about the absolute maximum you can sort of safely pass there. Added a picture of the section after some digging.
If you drive or walk a bit past the mine there is a small (frozen) waterfall.
We informed the police in Famatina of our trip, super friendly, noted down our details and we 'checked out' upon return


This place is permanently closed.

Camping on Mars

Perfect place to spend the night if you split up the drive to the top. Completely different scenery then the drive up. Although there a plenty of spots all along the route as well if you want to stop earlier. It's next to the (abandoned) Refugio de P├ęrez. Enough buildings to park out of the wind if there is.. No wind when we were here.
Absolutely stunning views in the valley after a stunning drive.
The road is washed out just before the refugio. After some brave pills we squeezed our 6m Sprinter past the angled turn, pretty sketchy. Any longer wheelbase or width will need to do some really serious digging to get past safely.

Estaci├│n 3

The entrance to Estaci├│n 3.
Drive was OK for all cars today, but you have to cross a small river, so conditions can vary.
The station is a real nice time capsule, def worth a visit!
At the farm of the super friendly Olga you can get food as well for reasonable prices.
Pretty sure you can camp on the property as well. It's a party for kids, there are a lot of different animals to pet.

supermercado Rawson

Largest we could find in the pueblo, quite well stocked

ACA San Jos├ę de Jachal

Great place to stop in our opinion. We could park on their campground. Has pire pits, electricity, sinks, and playground for the kids. Toilets at the gasstation, and free wifi.
Not very loud at night.
No showers though.
Paid 500 per night per car.

Jesus Statue

Nice views, an unique blessed place to camp if you pass by. Wouldn't take a detour for it..
Met the gendarmerie, super friendly as always.
The road is not paved, pretty rough ripio, and in some sections quite sandy. No need for 4wd, but with the sand it might get tricky in some points for bigger rigs. After rain check locally if it isn't washed out somewhere.

Camp at siete colores

Concur with the below remarks, absolutely stunning and gorgeous site!
Abandoned mine as well.
Great place to stop for a night/day.

Track very well at this moment, suitable for all cars/rigs

Cerro de los siete colores

absolutely stunning and gorgeous site!
Abandoned mine as well.
Great place to stop for a night/day.

Track very well at this moment, suitable for all cars/rigs

Mirador del Balcon

Perfect overnight stop. Pretty chilly though :)
Road is a suberb scenic drive, in good condition, possible for every vehicle.

camping municipal tupungato

Quiet, big campsite. Toilets and showers were clean. Nothing to complain..

Near La Jaula

Spot washed away unfortunately :( so better to pick the other spot a bit higher...

Volcano Malacara

Indeed quite a faf (nice word..) to get here and arrange the tour. Price now 1300 for adults and 1000 for kids >5yr.
Landscape is pretty interesting.

We went at the tour at 16.00, and almost no sun anymore into the canyons. Would recommend to go in the morning in this time of year.

Road is pretty bad ripio.

We camped in the parking area. Totally alone at night, ba├▒os were open, a million stars and no dust. Pretty nice camp!

valle hermoso, by river close to lake

Perfect spot. Wind shade, out of sight from the nearby campground.
We were there during semana Santa, and were alone..

Mirador Laguna Valle Hermoso

Mirador is absolutely stunning! Worth the drive.

Road to Mirador is gravel and can be done with just about any rig, just take it slow. We met a 7t Iveco 2wd flat bed along the way..
We thought the road down was pretty easy compared to the earlier posts. Will depend on your size, weight, clearance if you feel comfortable to go down. Normal 2wd passenger car drive there as well.

professional welder

Professional welder. Place is a bit of a dump, but the welds he made to our suspension are suberb.
Not cheap, but we didn't haggle. 3000ars for hour work + steel

Taller El Grillo

This place is permanently closed.

Casa de Juan

Still a very friendly, welcoming and relaxed place. Make sure to call/message ahead, request from Juan.
We planned to stay for one night, didn't quite work out.. Too much stories, mate, parrilla, other travellers and his cute kids to play with our.
Absolute gems Juan and Mariana!

Camping Las Tejas

We were considering to stay here but the price was 800 pesos pp. Only when arriving late and leaving early morning the price could be lowered to 500pp. Decided to spend the day a few hundred meters back and sleep at the Axxion gas station just outside Zárate


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