Stevie Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
September 24th, 2019 UY-Storage/Camping/Workshop

Very clean bathroom and toilets.
The girl who worked at the place was very helpful and even delivered very nice bread and eggs, after her duty.
They have a little farm shop and you can buy different stuff if you need something.
The two man (brothers?) are a little bit strange and offered repairs we did not need. The taller brother was rude, while I was calling him when the washing machine was not working, it was not our fault only a misunderstanding of the instruction.

One woman (with a baby) was a little bit rude, when we walked around to explore the area on the farm.
There were no signs not to enter the farm.
I had the feeling they hide something there, or why would you not walk around, as the camping area is very small and you get claustrophobic if you stay there for a while.
For the start it was OK, but the people could be a little bit more friendlier.
They are German Immigrants not Uruguayans and we had almost NO bad experience with the locals.
This is only our personal experience.

Steve and Jessica.