Arturo is wonderful! My vehicle wasn't able to get up the steep hill to the main campground, but he set me up in a flat spot with a view of the lake further down. It was a nice, quiet, safe, peaceful spot to spend a couple of nights, and I had good LTE cell service here.

He said he's really hoping to find visitors who will stay longer, like at least 5 days or more. Ideally those would be people who want to stay awhile and explore the area, or perhaps get involved with his new permaculture project.

He said there are a couple of other options for people who are just passing through, but neither of them is listed on iOverlander yet -- one is in the town of Cuitzeo (other side of the lake), and the other is a Balneario, I think a bit west of this campground. I haven't checked out either of these places.

Even though I didn't fit his ideal visitor profile (I only stayed 2 nights), he was a very gracious host, and even invited me to dinner at his house one evening. If you'd like to visit this area for awhile, or find out more about the permaculture project, then this is a great place! (-:

Blog: Uphill Zen

Place: San Juan del Lago

Visited: December 4th, 2017

Location: 19.906720, -101.119540