Well, we didn't want to create a warning but here is what happen to us: We parked our car the 19/12/2017 then made it to Machupicchu and came back the 20/12/2017. When we get back to the car we realized that during those 24h the alarm get activated​. The alarm is not easy to swich, you really need to play with the door handles or shake the car pretty well, anyway we ask the lady what happened​, it could have been just a kid playing around or any other reason and it would be fine for us (nothing missing in the car and it looked unopened). The answer from the lady was: "Nothing happened! we don't know! and there is plenty of people coming everyday we are not going to look after your car all day!" at this time an other person from the restaurant nearby came and made it pretty clear that they don't care about what happened or could happen to the vehicules! talking with them was impossible as they didn't listen or just laught when we were asking details. Hope that will not happen again, but if we knew we would choose an other option to do the trip to Machupicchu!


Place: Parking at Hydroelectrica

Visited: December 20th, 2017

Location: -13.173983, -72.565067