This is a GORGEOUS spot, probably one of the most scenic of all the Bahia Conception beach camping areas, therefore there are usually many visitors. It helps if all of us with big rigs park perpendicular to the beach to allow room for all who wish to stay. Sand fleas are only pesky only in early in the season, usually Oct/Nov. It is this way on all the beaches. The restaurant on the beach has great food, and tamale, fish, vegetable, non-potable fresh water, etc. vendors will sell you whatever else you need. Just beware of the cowboy offering horseback outings; my friend had an experience during which she was continuously groped inappropriately while the cowboy attempted to get her and her partner drunk on some suspiciously overly "strong" tequila. LADIES, KEEP YOURSELF SAFE AND IF YOU WANT TO RIDE, DO NOT DRINK ANYTHING OFFERED. Anyway, this beach is a splendid location for paddling sports because of proximity to numerous islands.

Blog: Heidi Pesterfield

Place: Playa Santispac

Visited: January 27th, 2018

Location: 26.763983, -111.887964