Beautiful, tranquil place with one of the best views you will find on the lake. 75Q/$10 per night gets you electricity, water (non potable, potable is $3 for 5 gallons), security, bathroom, warm showers, wifi (in and out but when it worked it was fine), beautiful lake front access with possibly the nicest swimming area on the lake. There is a laundry area or you can pay 4Q per pound to have it washed, dried, and folded by the cleaning ladies on the property. Various lounge spots around the property and barbecue area. Pierre was extremely accommodating. We were able to stay with our dog, keeping our dog either in the van or in a large, secure kennel space right next to our campsite. He does have a pack of large, territorial German Shepherds that follow him everywhere. They are very sweet dogs, just very territorial. We had no problems with our dog in the large kennel space or van. However, if you have a dog, know that dog fights have a history on the property so for the health and safety of all dogs involved it is critical that you keep your dog contained or communicate with Pierre about when the dogs will be around. Once you are here you can travel around the lake by public boat, getting picked up and dropped off right on the dock outside. Best campsite we've experienced on our trip. It was refreshing to feel safe to leave the windows open or stuff outside at night. We will return on our next trip down here :)

Blog: pattywheaton

Place: Pasaj cap - Lago Atitlan

Visited: August 4th, 2015

Location: 14.722791, -91.248963