Hi,we crossed at Ciudad Hidalgo on the Mexican side to Tecan Uman on the Guatemalan side. It was very straightforward. We drove into the compound and parked the car. We visited the Bandjercito (Mexican side) and checked we could keep our car permit (TVIP) open for the car as we are returning through Mexico at a later date.She said yes, this is fine. We went to Mexican immigration for exiting Mexico, a little hut a hundred metres away. We got our exit stamp and had to hand in BOTH the tourist entry card and proof of payment (this was an A4 piece of paper for each of us with our details on and stating we had paid on entry). We did not get charged an exit fee. We paid 17 pesos to cross the bridge to Guatemala-this was clearly marked, similar to the cuota booths throughout Mexico. We then parked at the car fumigation stop and paid 17 Quetzals to an official and got a printed receipt. We then drove to Guatemalan immigration (very close) and parked. The lovely gentleman stamped us into Guatemala and there was no charge. He gave us a form to fill in for the car. We then went to the aduana, who was brilliant. We gave him the drivers passport, driving license, the car ownership document and he gave us a piece of paper which we took over the hall to the bank, paid our 160 Quetzals, returned to the aduana-who came with us to the car and stuck out Guatemalan permit on the windscreen. He did not need any copies of our paperwork. This was our experience today.

Blog: Ruby the Landy

Place: Tecún Umán Border Post

Visited: February 22nd, 2018

Location: 14.67496, -92.14214


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