This is a mixed review! The house staff is great. The garden staff spends their time hiding and on their phones. The WiFi is solid in some areas. But doesn’t reach parking area. The street traffic is loud and starts with horns early, but ends early. The garden where we are parked offers a lot of shade but is really dusty when the wind blows (often) There is one toilet available- used by all garden staff, too. Open air pool shower. Possible to use a room shower if you ask before the room is cleaned. There are two dogs here which are sadly tied up all day and most nights. But they are very friendly. Laundry for 4$ per load. Airport taxi 15$. Easy trip to city for business. Walk to restaurants and small stores. At just $5 per person per night, it’s a bargain for city access. We fit in at 23.5 feet but it was VERY tight. No height issues at second gate, just a narrow, tight turn. Water refill from hose. No electric found but didn’t ask.

Blog: It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

Place: Casa Inti

Visited: February 26th, 2018

Location: 12.09786, -86.22895


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