Still 120 per car. Good location close to the town and ruins. Top tip - go to the "Sol de Copan" in the city in the evening for some good beer (german expat owner)
Showers available, but ask for them first - the guy at the reception was a bit reluctant and said he'd figure something out later - after an hour, we asked again and he said maybe after sunset... so we explained we would go to other place if we don't get the shower. Other lady heard it and opened one room for us without an issue and immediately - so if there's a reluctant guy at the reception, just find someone else. Shower was cold, but it's hot here, so it was refreshing.
PS: lady told us, that the owner is not really happy with the use of showers in the rooms, so he's building a separate shower/toilet in the back for overlanders.

Blog: Wedding Travellers

Place: El Bosque Hotel and Overlander Camp

Visited: March 10th, 2018

Location: 14.83454, -89.15522


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