This is a great stop outside of Guanajuato, perhaps 20 minutes by the city bus nearby. This is a hotel that is starting to convert their lower lot into an RV park. While staying you have access to shared areas of the compound including a pool, fire pit, and balcony with kitchen.
This lot is below but several flights of stairs, and WiFi, bathrooms and shower are all available with a walk. Level sites, partial shade. Sewer is forthcoming, electricity was offered but we used our solar. Manager Javier is very friendly and speaks English, I recommend calling that day so they know you're arriving and can unlock the lower gate. Height limit of perhaps 4 meters? They will knock down the arch soon I think. Enter on Camino A Santa Ana, passed the dirt lot you'll see the gates on your right. Plenty secure, we spent three nights here enjoying a break from the road.

Blog: Vagabond Homestead

Place: Casa Estrella Wellness Center

Visited: March 16th, 2018

Location: 21.041960, -101.259820