This is second stay at Pasajcap and this time we brought our dog. We were a little concerned at first because although Pierre wants to be pet friendly he was concerned for our dog's welfare due to his 3 german sheperds. Since he showed concern, so did we, the idea of keeping our dog in the van all the time was not acceptable to us. We were actually going to leave after just one night when It was suggested that all the dogs meet. In the end the two older girls just loved our dog and the big male decided to mostly ignore Walter. Basically we agreed that we would never let our dog off leash and use an alternate exit as needed to basically keep the dog encounters down. When coming and going, i would walk ahead to scout for the shepherds, most of the time they were not around, in the event they were we altered course and went around as wide as possible. Although a bit more work, after 2 months we never had a negative encounter. During our stay, we saw 2 other dogs which also followed the same routine and never had a negative encounter. The reality is that the risks associated to large powerful dogs can be mitigated when both the owners work together. Even when our dog accidently got loose, Pierre simply commanded his dog into the office and closed the door. We really enjoyed our stay at pasajcap for the same reasons as others have mentioned and will return next year. I hope this helps those travelling with dogs when considering pasajcap.

Blog: raven6454

Place: Pasaj cap - Lago Atitlan

Visited: February 3rd, 2018

Location: 14.723200, -91.249860