Beautiful bay. Palapas are spaced well enough to get good sleep. The bar had loud music until 8 or so, and everyone quieted down relatively early. Lots of overlanders and snowbirds. Bring mosquito spray.

A woman came by in the morning asking for 100 pesos. Another camper familiar with the beach from previous stays seemed to believe she wasn't legitimate because a guy usually comes for money. I asked for a recibo so she took me to her campsite and wrote one on a Playa Santispec slip of paper. It turns out her and her husband spend a few months there every year and have become friends with the guy that manages the beach, and they help collect before campers take off early to avoid paying. I wasn't asked for money again, so I guess she was legit.

There are other options down the bay, but after seeing how close the other beaches were to marshy type areas I was glad to be on the wide beach of Santispec. I can't imagine how bad the mosquitos would have been on the others.

Blog: Park City to Costa RIca

Place: Playa Santispac

Visited: October 23rd, 2015

Location: 26.763983, -111.887964