As described in all the previous entries. Strongly advise to skip the crowds during the day and enjoy the place at sunset or in the first hours of the morning!
10Pesos pp "toll fee" in the village / 25Pesos pp entrance fee / 40Pesos pp dry camping (toilets available)
The view is spectacular and the pool look nice turquoise & green! I wouldn't necessarily want to swimm in them after a busy sunday... (the water looks realy dirty, to be fair probably also because of the sulfur and other particles)
Unfortunately the amount of tourists definitly left a trace in this beautiful nature with people walking on the stone formations - took 1000s of years to build and only a couple to destroy it :-(

Blog: Einmalrundum

Place: Hierve el Agua

Visited: May 13th, 2018

Location: 16.867230, -96.276262