We were hesitant at first, because the houses are quite close. We went to talk to a lady on the beach, she lived in the closest house and told us that people camp here all the time and the beach is public. First we were thinking to stay only one night, but it was so calm, beautiful and quiet that we ended up staying 4 nights. We got to know more local people, all of them were very nice and welcoming. By Saturday the beach got quite busy and we noticed more people occupied the houses as well more camping people on the beach. Please be respectful of this place, locals are picking garbage along the beach and even asked to take ours. We felt very safe here, swimming was good (watch for stingrays), we saw some fish from the rocks and breaching ray fish of some kind!


Place: Punta Chivato

Visited: June 10th, 2018

Location: 27.074259, -111.948967