We stayed in their parking lot for one week. As described, you can dry camp in the dusty parking lot for 90MP, that includes the use of toilets (only one shower and one toilet with a hole in the roof available at the moment). For 180MP you park inside and get pretty much the same. We asked the guy at the reception and he let us fill our water tank and empty the grey water one when we were leaving. Overall this place looks like a 70's motel, everything looks kind of old and not taken care of. Many retired Americans around. On the other hand, for 90 pesos you get a safe and calm place to stay with a decent wifi and ok toilets, which might turn out cheaper than staying for free at the Misión Santa María and be forced to eat a meal per day. Food was great and everybody was super nice. Also this place is less than a 10 minutes walk to the beach, which is not that beautiful but has some cool sand dunes.

Blog: Ohlavan

Place: Cielito Lindo Motel and RV Park

Visited: July 13th, 2018


Truck Camper

Location: 30.408840, -115.923260