disappointing experience.
I arrived in the afternoon on motorcycle. was greated by a caretaker. quoted 150 for using my own hammock. settled on less though it wasn't clear as no one spoke English. he then handed me a sheet of paper with details on the place. no WiFi. he could get the password right and made out that is was a problem with my phone. the shelter for the hammocks leaks so you get wet during the night. the whole place feels like a compound. you can to find him to open the gate to leave. I'm really not sure what the money is for. never saw the common room. no kitchen. just sand surrounded by a fence.
I left at 8.30 in the morning .. no one was there. couldn't get out the main gate cause it was padlocked . jade to squeeze the bike through the personal gate just to leave.
im guess the experience would have been better if the people that run the place were there. but if they aren't going to have competent people looking after the place they should just close it while they are away. I wish I stayed somewhere else as the beach and surroundings are very nice.
but for 30 pesos more than these prices you can stay in a hostel that has proper roof, a bed, secure parking , and breakfast. I'd check who is here before you stay.

Blog: burnse

Place: Overlander Beach Campsite “Don Taco”.


Location: 15.69041, -96.23703


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