Awesome spot right in the heart of town! They have recently added two showers, water and electrical hookups and are ready for the season. 200p for basic or 220p if you want electricity hookup. Shower is not heated but water a little warmed from sun. Everything is very clean.

You get lots of privacy here with shade from palm trees or park under the three vehicle palapa coverings. Best of all it’s on the main walkway to the square, half a minute away and 2 minutes from beach. Super location!!

It was started last year but have now made it more official. Wifi and stronger shower pump pressure apparently is being installed in next 10 days. The property is owned by a young local couple who come daily to clean. Right now Dave and Alberta from Canada help collecting fees and get you setup. They have an RV setup here. They are very lovely and helpful.

Getting here is a bit tricky. You have to turn off of Hidalgo street onto Romanita street (which is marked as a walking path only street, but if you have issues just say you are going to this RV park as it’s quite close). Then turn left and Romanita RV will be on your left about 20 meters up the street across from Santo Niños guest house.

We initially planned to stay here a few nights but now are spending a week- you just can’t beat this location when you have a van or are camping!

Blog: evaboucek

Place: Romanita RV Park

Visited: November 8th, 2018

Location: 26.010996, -111.340986