They have a sign that says 100 pesos per carro. In the evening she came to collect the money and wants 150 pesos. We say that the sign says it's 100 pesos, then she answers that she is sorry but 100 pesos is just for day use and spending the night would cost 150 pesos. She furthermore said she is sorry but the sign is broken where they wrote 150 pesos per night. I checked the sign and it was not broken.

It is not about the money but it just feels bad to be treated like that.

The place itself is very nice. But I do not recommend it. Further up the road is Playa La Perla, go there at least theit sign says 150 pesos.


Place: Playa El Requeson

Visited: November 28th, 2018

Location: 26.637984, -111.832318