Yeah, we suggest moving on to another beach. There’s other options further south that are way better. Sure, it’s beautiful but so are the others.

200 pesos... for,
- After offering horseback, the Cowboy was flirting at our van. Suggested tequila later on. (See review below) We saw him awkwardly prowling young ladies at the bar later on. (Side note- the bar plays music loud at night, which can be a plus or minus, depending on your preference)
- Toilets absolutely disgusting.
- 7:22 am Anna’s decided to blare tunes so loud that if you were near the restaurant you would suffer ear damage. Audible everywhere on the beach.
- A constant barrage of vendors approached the vehicle throughout the day. (Suspiciously they began at 7:35, just after we awoke to Anna’s alarm clock - four vendors by 8 am)
- Only a few palapas available.
- Can get crowded.

Positives... it’s a beautiful bay with green blue water. After a drive down the baja I suppose one would be excited.
Just remember, just past here there are others!

Blog: evaboucek

Place: Playa Santispac

Visited: December 1st, 2018

Location: 26.765641, -111.887117