On arrival he said M$70 for dry camping no hookup (later when we paid for food/drinks/camping combined it went up to M$80. Camping is parking in a dusty spot of ground near the restaurant but facilities were OK. Flush toilet with TP provided and cold shower. Toilets in the restaurant were quite nice with soap and paper towels. Unfortunately we didn't have enough cash (they don't accept card) to order cracked crab but we ordered quesadillas M$70 each for 3 which were served with refried beans - very good. Also received complimentary tortilla chips and dip as an appetiser and complimentary black bean soup for starter. Margaritas were awesome M$75 unless happy hour (half price).


Place: Cielito Lindo Motel and RV Park

Visited: January 20th, 2016

Location: 30.408840, -115.923260