Crossing to guatemala from
mexico. We are from Canada with an RV and 2 cats.
- fumigation is still on.
- They asked us if we had animals, we said yes. Then a nightmare began. We were surrounded by like 4 men to tell us what to do... One of them spoke english and went through the whole process with us. So we had to tell them to be more calm and we will do one thing at a time, they were rushing us. So we went with the animal quarantine inspector guy to know what we needed. Then he handed us a small piece of paper with hand written prices for the cats. We had to go pay at the bank that is a bit further (where there is a gate at the end of street), inside the building on the left. The girl saw i was with a stranger and told me to be careful they wanted money. So i took even more precaution.. But the guy was really nice. (yes he was a helper but i didn’t know that because the guy looked really clean and official and didn’t told me he was doing this for money, anyways i refused to pay him).
- Then we had to make so many copies of documents and to go back and forth in between the copie shop and the aduana.. They forgot to tell us how many copy they needed for each document and it was just a nightmare, even the lady to get my TVIP was not accepting the copies i had made home because it had to much informations on them that they didn’t needed..
- Finally the rest is accurate it was just really long mostly because of the cats.
- We paid about 217 quetzals for 2 cats to have an importation permit for all the central america countries.
- (they didn’t ask for it at el salvador border)

Blog: Isabel Gariepy

Place: Tecún Umán Border Post

Visited: January 15th, 2019

Location: 14.67496, -92.14214


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