Great campsite: one of our favorites in Mexico. Use DISCOUNT CODE "MONARCH" when you camp here; Art made it available.

Very friendly and welcoming host Arturo who can help you with what you need, including tips for sightseeing in the area. Camp with full hookups (or boondock and pay less), including laundry, and a great view from the hillside onto the lake and lake-front towns. We stayed 2 weeks and received a better rate. We took day trips from here to the butterflies (Sierra Chincua), Morelia and the nearby pueblo magico of Cuitzeo. This is a large campground with plenty of room to walk your dog and you can easily walk to the lake (not suitable for swimming unfortunately). You can walk to the small town and buy fresh groceries, drive a few minutes to Cuitzeo for sightseeing and the bi-weekly market, or find all you need (Walmart, Home Depot, ...) in Morelia 20 minutes away. Great natural warm spring water baths in town to relax.

Blog: jorn.vango

Place: San Juan del Lago

Visited: February 18th, 2019

Location: 19.90672, -101.11954