Pulled in to camp late afternoon.
Guy came around to collect $150mxn. Paid the man but he did not offer a receipt or slip. I took a picture of his ID and him as my receipt. In the morning, an old lady came around and tried to collect the same again. We argued a little and refused to pay. I showed her the picture of the other person and his ID and she shook her head, still wanting money. We refused and she eventually left.

The toilets are bad.
The area away from the beach is quite dirty with garbage and stuff.
The beach is busy with day use people who stop to take a picture and also with other travellers who stop to stretch their legs. We even had a semi truck and trailer pull down onto the beach for a break from the drive.

Nice beach, decent hike our on the “island” but I would stay elsewhere if I was given a choice next time.


Place: Playa El Requeson

Visited: February 21st, 2019

Location: 26.637755, -111.832733