Bahia Concepcion is absolutely stunning with great sea life and incredible kayaking. This site was a good choice to enjoy it. The vendors will come and offer you anything... our neighbor rented kayaks for very little! Hot springs to the south are decent. Usually try to collect fees around noon or four, I was never there and didnt pay for three days. Technically they don't own the beach, so no hard feelings. Only facilities are outhouse to the south. Fantastic beach.

Island to the west has camping, caves, and so much life! Biolumones on the beach at night. Restaurant and market north on the road are pretty solid. Concepcion is one of the best bays in Baja, and you'll have to play the game to get access but it is very worth it.

Blog: downhilltrucker

Place: Los Coyotes (Bahia de Concepcion)

Visited: March 2nd, 2019

Location: 26.714613, -111.905320