This was an awesome little spot by the Sibun River. If you're headed from Belmopan to the coast the turn off is on the left hand side of the road, right before the bridge. The rocky trail doesn't show upon Google Maps. We drove in as far as the "road" took us. The overlanding site was a little too close to the highway for our liking. Eventually we made it to a clearing on slightly higher ground with a group of large trees for shade on our left. Yes, there is garbage around, but nothing compared to some of the spots we've seen in Mexico or Guatemala. The river was quite warm while we were here in early March, but still cooler than the air. It was about a foot deep, and a great reprieve from the sun's intense heat during the day. It's still early for rainy season, so the river wasn't high enough to flood us out, even though it did rain on us pretty hard around 5:30am. Locals told us that the worst of the rainy season runs June-August, so be careful camping here during that time.
The views here were awesome; small jungle covered peaks rise high above the river, and at night you will hear howler monkeys and be surrounded by fireflies.
In the morning some men and their hunting dogs came by. They wished us "provecho" as we enjoyed our breakfast and coffee. Up stream next to the bridge some local women were doing their laundry. This is a safe, awesome and free place to spend a night or two!


Place: By the River

Visited: March 5th, 2019

Location: 17.109205, -88.657502