This campsite is my favorite in all of Baja. We usually don’t pay for campsites, but this place was awesome and I can’t wait to come back! $150 for Palapas on a spit beach going to an island at low tide. Cutest sweetest puppy that greeted all campers as they woke up. Cute nice cat too.. no cell service although there is a bar/restaurant you can paddle to (or drive to) In the next cove north, with showers and WiFi and a popping taco Tuesday!The fisherman came by with their daily catch, everyday. Rug and sombrero vendors come by too... magical experience. We saw dolphins, turtles, sting rays, exotic fish and If we didn’t run out of food and water, we would have stayed longer! Toilets are standard Baja drop toilets that take a beating from the wind. They are totally “useable”


Place: Playa El Requeson

Visited: March 31st, 2019

Location: 25.797097, -111.311819