this place is beautiful and lives up the hype over all. Pierre is nice and the staff great. There are 3 RV spots for rent overall and the rest are cabanas and apartments. the property is very well designed with great Vistas and craftsmanship. the wifi is professionally installed and reaches across the property and was overall good. it's still 75 per night. the only downside is that it's not really dog friendly because of his German shepherds. you will have to keep your dog INSIDE your vehicle or in a kennel which is decently close to two of the spots but far from the third. we have a small dog so he didn't really mind too much the trip and we could carry him to the kennel because Pierre was scared for us to even have him on a leash. as the week wore on, we realized that the German shepherds stay around Pierre most of the time and that one could chance it at night or other times when Pierre is gone. but really do you wanna take the chance? it was so beautiful we still stayed a week!


Place: Pasaj cap - Lago Atitlan

Visited: February 29th, 2016

Location: 14.723185, -91.249842