We got here later in the evening and the security guy said no camping and we have to go back to the entrance and get the wrist band the next morning. And also no dogs allowed. So we drove back and camped at the quarry for free. The next day we paid both fees, 50 pesos pP city/road fee and 62 pesos pP for the wrist band (park) right at the entrance. The Calakmul ruins are about 60 km in. The road is decent and I would take a camper down there. There is just the odd branch hanging down, so be careful but you probably are going to drive slower anyways (animals on road). The ruins are 65 pP and are one of the best we have seen in Mexico! In the middle of the jungle where you can see monkeys. It took us about 2 hours to walk thru and you are allowed to climb the pyramids and almost any other ruin there. Easily could spend more time there. Pack a lunch and enjoy it on top of one of the pyramids where you can see for ever over the jungle and Guatemala!

Blog: schweinzkopf

Place: Parking lot Cakamul museum


Location: 18.36544, -89.89261


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