This is a fantastic gem of a rv park. Anita (the 94 year ol owner) has operated the Samula trailer park for 50 plus year. The park used to be across the street from its current location an also used to be much bigger. As tourist travel into Mexico ground to a halt after 9/11, Anita was forced to downsize to the current location (which is really sad). The family (Anita and her grandson Robert) are super friendly and genuinely see to enjoy the travelers that come through. They take great pride in offering a place to stay with good company and conversations. Apparently they will feed you here too. We had to unfortunate cut our stay here short, as my lady love was hit by a car (while walking on a sidewalk in the historic district). Thank the stars she was alright, and let it be known to other tourists that they love you here- we got tremendous care from the tourist police and hospital. The fellow that struck her was a young man who was texting while driving, and I believe Anita and Robert when they tell us Campeche is quite safe (despite our accident). I hope that anyone that stops through this spot is lucky enough to meet such great travel companions and fellow adventurers like we were. Stay smart, stay safe.

Blog: cadillac_demille

Place: New Samula Trailer Park

Visited: September 5th, 2014

Location: 19.817826, -90.552115