Located on a hill above Lago Cuitzeo at the junction of Mexico 15D and Mexico 43D just north of Morelia. The owner, Arturo, is creating his dream campground here. Bathrooms are great, view is great, sites are spacious and have excellent hook-ups. He's built his own sewage plant. It's a steep drive in but do-able for everyone unless driving a low-powered big rig. Arturo took us all over the little town of San Juan Tararameo which is sitting on top of a hot water reservoir. There are hot water wells all around town and a very simple, basic hot water bath where you can soak for as long as you want for $1 US. He also took us to Cuitzeo, across the lake, which is very historic and interesting. So much potential here! He says he isn't officially open because he's still working with the city to get a better entrance road. Because of that, he didn't charge us a penny to spend 2 nights with all amenities, plus a free guided tour of the area. As of January, 2016, you should call before you come because he doesn't have a sign up. The number is 443-228-3839. Arturo loves where he is and wants everyone to love it as well.

Blog: bobandmarilyn

Place: San Juan del Lago

Visited: January 13th, 2016

Location: 19.906720, -101.119540