Unfortunately it is like written in the previous post: Jose Luis and people there are really adicted to the money (not to the tourists). We didn't even enter his house/shop and where asked to buy artesanias.
First Jose Luis asked as to pay 10Sol per night - told him usually its 5, agreed with eyes rolling (usually there is nothing to pay cause you buy the "Ticket de uso de campamento" when you pay for the road.
And the best thing: after our treking our car was scrached buy small kids. So for paying for "secure" parking you get at scrached☹! Jose Luis not even said sorry, only mentioned "small kids" and not his problem.

But the landscape here (went up to the pass behind the lagunas) is really, really nice!!! Maybe you can do it in a day and avoid sleeping in Pacchanta- start very early with the trek, after use the termas in Pacchanta for 1 hour, than leave for sleeping to another place...

Blog: wheelie

Place: Pachanta- Trek Ausangate

Visited: September 3rd, 2019

Location: -13.717652, -71.242281