Possibly the best overland campsite going. Pierre is super friendly and helpful as are all the predominantly Mayan staff. 7 or so sites on a landscaped terrace overlook the volcanoes and lake. A short walk down some steps leads to a pier where you can hail a launcher for a 10Q trip to the nearby towns. The hippy enclave of crystal waving San Marcos is a 10/15 minute walk. With a surprising number of decent cafes and restaurants. I love dogs. This place is categorically dog friendly, we are here with three or four dogs (various owners but not ours) plus Pierre’s 3 Alsatians, which are laid back, cuddly and in one case particularly old. My guess is that previous issues are caused by people with untrained dogs or dogs because the ones here at the moment play and chill together, there is no barking and no dog mess. If you have a nuisance dog that is going to cause issues with other guests or dogs then you - quite rightly - might be asked to keep them inside or kennelled. Laundry, BBQ, happy hour at 5:30, meat and fish available as are bottles of wine. Contemporary toilets and shower. Also, Spanish lessons are available onsite from a Mayan lady called Rebeca - these are particularly good and around $6 an hour.
We planned to be here a week, we’ve been here two and expect to be here a third! A great vibe and our favourite campground yet. Don’t miss it.
The road in is steep and long but well paved so I amended the main wording to suit. Expect hot brakes! Took us around an hour from the Pan Am to San Marcos. About ten mins to get through San Marcos to camp site. We have a truck camper.


Place: Pasaj cap - Lago Atitlan

Visited: April 15th, 2019

Location: 14.722682, -91.249183