Very good place to camp in a van in a capital.
Owner is Nicaraguan-Belgian and knows hiw to make a very nice common area. Write down consumption system of beer and soft drinks, free coffee and free purified watee. Water tap in the garden where you will most likely park the van.

5US$ pp

Little food mall with beer bar within walking distance and a good pizza place (closed pn Mondays, ask the owner which one)

Outdoor toilet is filthy but usable. Outdoor Shower is out of service. So you will most likely be offered the bathroom of one of their rooms with hot water most of the time.

The recepionist was not that welcoming to us and told us we shower too much and should only happen in the mornings. Rinsing off before jumping into the pool is likely not desired here and rinsing chlorine off after the pool not wanted.

Blog: mischling

Place: Casa Inti

Visited: October 9th, 2019

Location: 12.09786, -86.22895


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