Daily prices are now 42 ARS p/p and 62 ARS for motorhome. Average but very useable Movistar LTE signal at the campsites near the administration. Working electricity and fresh water.

At arrival, the check-in lady advised us to camp near the administration and not too much further: "not that anything is going to happen, but..."; we got the message and camped in the first free spot after the administration (as almost everyone else was doing).
A little too noisy during our first night (Thu-Fri): dogs barking incessantly. Will update with state of other facilities and our further 2 nights here.

Stayed 3 nights. Very inexpensive price at ARS 42 p/p + ARS 62 for the motorhome; didn't charge us for our pickup truck.

Good electricity, water and showers, no wifi, but good Movistar 4G cell signal.

In the early morning of the day we left, some jerk from a trailer unplugged our motorhome from the wall so he could have the two electricity plugs to charge his two phones simultaneously -- we choose not to make a fuss as we were leaving anyway, but future iOverlanders coming here be advised that some of the other customers can be real jackasses.


Place: Camping Municipal Carlos Xamena

Visited: October 25th, 2019

Location: -24.813238, -65.419690