Here you can let your van (big rigs might rather stop at Tinki and take a taxi or start from there) to start the most spectacular trek you have ever done, around the Nevado Ausangate! One to five days trek possible. It is not possible to be provided in food or drink, so you have to carry everything with you, unless you ask a guide of this small community for horses. Three little shops will provide you in bread or in last things you would need. You can ask for electricity there. Have little change with you or you won't be able to buy anything. We reached the first pass with horses and then did the whole round in 2 nights and 3 days walking. We paid 200 soles for 2 people. You don't need a guide if you think you can carry all your stuff (3 passes at around 5000m to walk up) (nights are really cold, you need real warm equipement !), you can find a map in Cusco or on Google. Don't take tours from Cusco, everything can be organised from here! Once the walk is over, you can just relax in the hot springs (5 soles) in front of this impressive mountain. What is sure is that you can't leave Peru without visiting this authentic and amazing landscape, far from overcrowed walks!

Blog: roduit.guillaume

Place: Pachanta- Trek Ausangate

Visited: May 15th, 2016

Location: -13.717652, -71.242281