This place is great! Gorgeous and well maintained property with a pool, hot tub, tennis court, spa, little garden area, and gym (with killer views of the city). You can also request to have them cook you breakfast in their main hotel area for a small charge.

The bathroom is amazing... super clean, hot water, huge shower and it seems like it is brand new.

There’s no WiFi where the RV park is but you can walk upstairs and hang in either the gym area which has a nice patio with a view or their main hotel area which is very nice and cozy.

There are electrical outlets as well as water spouts around the lot. There are a couple of flat places where you can park. Otherwise you’ll need to have leveling blocks. It’s gated in so we felt safe and secure leaving the van when we went to town. Uber rides were like $6 to get to town which worked out great.

Javier is great... super helpful and friendly. Would definitely recommend this place!

Note: To get to the RV park stay on the lower road / lower section of the property and then call. There’s a gate with a sign that says Casa Estrella RV and there where you want to stay put. Because if you have a large van or camper, the roads are VERY narrow up where their main hotel entrance is.

Blog: lovepeace_happiness

Place: Casa Estrella Wellness Center

Visited: November 27th, 2019

Location: 21.041960, -101.259823