Beautiful beach and view. Few palapas on the beach, pit toilet (we did not use them), many recycling bins, not seen from highway and minimal noise, no snowbirds, we were just 2 cars on the beach. According to the previous reports, it was dirty beach and now it is super clean! Caretaker is doing great job. We saw him many times walking on the beach and clean everything. He is also fixing palapas, painting recycling bins and doing his best. He lives in first "house" on the beach. We felt very safe. Caretaker charged at morning 150 pesos per night and we were really happy to pay him, because he is doing great job here. For us the best beach in this area (and cheapest one). During low tide you can walk to nearby island. Enjoy!

Blog: jaja.the.blade

Place: Playa El Requeson

Visited: December 12th, 2019

Location: 26.637051, -111.831672