Beautiful area!
TO GET HERE: drive down last street in Palo Verde towards Punta Chivato. Will turn from pavement to newly graded gravel. There is a point where you can continue straight down OLD ROAD (destroyed from hurricane) or follow graded road right... it’s flat and good with 2WD!! We made the mistake of taking the old road because of the GPS. It’s rough... you will know you are close to the wild camp spot when you have passed all the large homes situated on the water. There is a small sign that says PLAYA (beach) in between two houses which brings you down to the spot. Can venture off and around beach if you have 4x4 but we stayed here And it was lovely (see photo). Keep it beautiful overlanding pals
p.s 2 bar TELCEL connections


Place: Punta Chivato

Visited: December 18th, 2019

Location: 27.085112, -112.121602