This campsite is located directly on the beach and run by a very nice Dutch couple. There are two extremely clean toilets and one (cold) shower which is also exceptionally clean. There is room for four to five small to medium rigs and for a couple of tents. The place is very well maintained and the owners are super friendly. They also took us on a fishing trip for black tuna and we saw whales, dolphins, flying mantas and a sea turtle. When we had problems with our truck, they were also very helpful to find the right person to fix it. Internet is quite good, too. We originally planned to stay just a couple of days and ended up extending through Christmas when it got very crowded. The owners organized a really nice Christmas dinner with all their guests, and everybody brought some small contribution to the buffet. Highly recommended and one of the best places we’ve stayed at so far!!

Blog: a.kocherscheidt

Place: Overlander Beach Campsite “Don Taco”.


Location: 15.69035, -96.23701


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