Beautiful spot just above the pools and waterfalls. Well worth the trip. We were the only ones to camp and it was very quiet as soon as the other tourists had left. The waterfalls are nice, especially the walk down the valley. It is a round trip and takes about an hour. The campground was ok, just a part of the parking lot but has a nice view. Toilets were clean but cost extra 3 pesos. The men's bathroom was open all night. No showers. Paid 40 pesos per person camping plus 25 per person entrance fee. Plus an inofficial-looking toll of 10 pesos per person to access the road to Hierve el Agua. So 130 pesos in total for two persons.


Place: Hierve el Agua

Visited: June 9th, 2016

Location: 16.866852, -96.276503