This place has really pretty nice facilities, however for the entire three days we were here most of the were off limits as they were reserved by a group (which we never saw any evidence of). Pool was unavailable until late afternoon, which was a disappointment.

most of the property is surrounded by a high wall of attractive stone. the front along the highway has only a low chain link fence.

Groups and long term guest stay towards the back of the property amongst talk trees providing some shade and away from the highway.

Sort term and transient guests are relegated to a gravel lot directly alongside the highway. it has only a few trees, most of which are still too short to provide much shade.

Reliable power, full hookups, and strong water pressure are definitely positives. The barren gravel lot and noisy highway are negatives for transient guests.

While we were there the laundry had only two washers and a single drier (though there is a large clothesline areas for air drying. The washers were so much in demand that there was often a line and several hour wait. We got a load in at 6:45am and took the second wallet. washer.

So a high quality facility in good condition, run by friendly and helpful people, with a noisy location for transients.

Blog: legacysailing

Place: Campestre Maranatha

Visited: February 20th, 2020

Location: 24.097780, -110.387370