The entrance is pretty steep downhill and up again, but managable. Beautiful garden property with tiny Titi monkeys and agoutis. Swimming pool was empty at the time (not enough water in the well). Owner Walter wasn't there, but a lady showed us where to park. Which was not at the main building or on the grassy hill, but at the end of a path next to a smelly garage (which will some day be a hostel, maybe). Be aware of the electricity wire close to the main building; we only just fit underneath with 3,1 meters height. If higher, request a spot close to the main building. A German guy lives in a shed close by and came to chat. He told us sometimes there are 7 or 8 overlanders, also parked at the grassy hill (not level though). Rustic but OK toilet (with toilet seat and TP) and shower just up the hill. The campsite itself was not nice, but fine while preparing border crossing. Wifi was pretty good and reached the garage area. Colones 4.000 for 2 persons and a van.

Blog: Rondjewereld

Place: Purruja Lodge (NO CAMPING)

Visited: July 12th, 2016

Location: 8.602600, -83.109650