We followed the steps stated below, which are correct and up to date however our experience was particularly painful. We think / hope it was an isolated incident of a person having a bad day.

Arrived at 0900 on a Wednesday. Handed in all necessary paperwork to get a new TIP. Paid the fine for it being expired for 90 days. $50usd fine with $1usd per day of expiration. DGA woman tells me to come back after 2pm (the same day) to pick it up! Thought I was getting lucky but here’s the kicker..... when I came back, the workers told me that the director is ‘quarantining’ our paperwork for 2 days because we are Americanos (NOT the standard overnight procedure). Our pieces of paper (not passports) needed to stay isolated in a separate area for 2 days before she went near them. Wow! We have been in Nicaragua for 6 months and the director was afraid of our paperwork. There was no mention of the fact that the previous TIP was so expired or anything making better sense. It was simply because of COVID and our citizenship.

Came back Friday afternoon and it still took until after 3pm to receive our new TIP. Hopefully this was just a result of someone having a bad day for the sake of other American over landers stuck in Nica, if there’s still anyone out there.

Blog: rookieoftheyear

Place: DGA Nica

Visited: September 4th, 2020

Location: 12.15101, -86.23310


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