Spent one night at the free parking along the waterway across from battery park neighborhood. Location is great for staying in Charleston, we took a long night walk through the neighborhood which was magical. A little challenging if you need to use public restrooms/ cook outdoors/ need use of outdoor space. We used our pullout stove and cooked in the streets- lots of wire looks but no one bothered us (and there were a bunch of police nearby, they just weren’t interested in us). There are no public restrooms nearby. For us it worked for one night but we didn’t stay longer. If you have a more complete set up, might work better for you- we have n sub that we stuck a bed and a stove into. We saw a few camper vans in the area too. Enjoy!

Blog: tschnk

Place: Murray Blvd-Ashley River Charleston SC

Visited: January 20th, 2021

Location: 33.366214, -79.282994